30/60/90/120 ENGAGEMENT



TAG … YOU ARE IT ….. Each of us have 30 – 90 seconds to engage another person in our initial process of introducing ourselves and creating an environment that fosters positive acceptance.  Learn the “secrets” to effectively introduce you and your company within this critical timeframe of the 30 – 90 seconds.

OH NO … NOT ME …. This is the common reaction people share when they are asked to engage in a “sales” interaction …. The word sales or selling … strikes fear in the heart of most people.  Each one of us is selling at all times.  Our society is sales based …. We all work … to make money, to spend money.   Your company is “selling” either a product or a service.  Learn the skill set to be effective in a basic sales presentation. Mastering this skill set can make you a more valued employee in your organization.

Mirror, Mirror … On the Wall … Am I the Best Reflection of MY Brand … Overall?  Regardless of your job title or position in your company, you need an effective personal brand statement.  Discover the simple steps to take to integrate your personal branding statement into your daily interactions with your peers and managers at your company.  Having a powerful personal branding statement that aligns with your company’s branding, allows you to illuminate your personal strengths to the organization.  Your personal branding statement is a powerful marketing tool for you and it supports your perceived value within your organization.



Are you seeking a job that offers freedom and flexibility?  Are you ready to take the first step toward a new career–a career that centers on you?  For many years, people viewed contract, freelance and gig employment as “alternative work.”  Today, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that about 35 percent of the workforce is part of the “GIG Economy.”  In this interactive workshop, you’ll: gain an understanding of new work models: GIG, YOU, or PLAN B; explore the process of engaging in one of the new work models and the skills you’ll need to be effective; investigate which model fits your needs and skillset; identify the benefits and challenges of engaging in a multi-income generating strategy to add to or create financial gain for you; learn time management skills to make you the most effective while avoiding burnout; and discuss ways to remain motivated and productive when working alone.

MIC DROP ….. YOU CRUSHED IT …… Event planning can include making a lunch reservation for a company executive or planning a large-scale special event for your organization.  Learn the inside “secrets” of effectively planning and facilitating a successful company event. 


As a sales trainer, Susan built her career with an emphasis on mentoring others in her sales organization to reach their top-performing potential.  Susan is highly skilled ineffective “one on one” mentoring, “face to face” selling, small group workshop presentations, as well as instructing large groups in learning sales skills in an arena setting on a national level. 

Susan seeks to add value to the lives of others by sharing the skill sets she has mastered.  Susan seeks to empower others to achieve their personal goals and build highly successful careers in their chosen professions.