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In our world today, the critical process of engaging other human beings in an interpersonal communication interaction is a lost skill.

We are proficient at using our devices to share information, however, we exhibit deficits in connection with other human beings through the use of the spoken word, body language, and the use of our personal energy to engage others. Through mastering the skills of our interpersonal communication, we will support all quadrants of our lives professional, personal, social, family, and all area’s that we interact within.

I TWO EYE CONSULTING is seeking to offer individuals with skill sets that build Interpersonal Communication for Relationship Engagement, Group Training, and sessions for learning the basic skill set for Professional Sales and Successful  Customer Service Engagement Interaction workshop.

Workshops can be structured from one to ten or more participants to engage individuals in a fun and interactive session, individual coaching is also available.


Coaching for individuals and independent business owners that are seeking to learn or fine-tune the skill set of selling. “One on One” micro-focused coaching specific to each person’s specific needs in the selling process.  Coaching for individuals who are seeking to learn the construct of interpersonal communication and its impact on their personal and professional lives. 


Sales team training and coaching for small businesses and business owners who engage in selling their company’s products and services.  Micro focused on “one on one” coaching to identify the challenge areas of each team member.


Instructional workshops, seminars, classes and sales team judging/coaching in an academic or organizational setting to support the development of sales professionals.



COD Naperville Campus

Wednesday, February 7th

9:00 am-noon

Business Leadership

Sales Development Workshop

Selling today is all about relationships and partnering to create value.  This third offering of the Sales Development Workshop will train you in “face to face” selling for the small business owner.  Join us to learn through direct “role play” how to learn the skill set of making an effective sales presentation and learn the “ART OF CLOSING THE SALE”.  This fun, empowering, and interactive workshop equips you to be a more results-oriented sales professional.

COD Naperville Campus

Tuesday, February 21st

6:30 – 8:30 PM

Business Engagement

The Engaged … Engagement …  The Power of Selling YOU  … in a Social or Career Networking Event

Networking Skills for Social

Learn the skill set of effectively engaging and networking with others in social or business networking.  Understand the power of the initial “imprint” of engagement with others.  Explore how to effectively use your verbal and non-verbal clues to communicate to establish a bond with the people you meet.  Utilize the power of the 2-3 second business handshake, eye contact, and using your energy to establish your connection with other individuals.  This workshop will be fun, interactive, and engaging and will equip you to be a more effective communicator in social and business settings.


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